Dixon Speed ZTR 42 Mower Review

dixon-speedztr-42Dixon has long been one of the leading names in commercial lawn mowing and landscaping, and that’s largely because the company tends to have a laser-like focus on speed, reliability, and great engine power behind the wheel. That commitment isn’t unique to commercial applications, however. Homeowners who check out the company’s Speed ZTR 42 mower will likely be impressed by its combination of great features, from its excellent speed to its operator comfort, intuitive controls, large cutting deck, and its Briggs & Stratton engine. When combined, these features make the Speed ZTR 42 one of the most formidable competitors among residential riding mowers for today’s homeowners.

A Look at the Dixon Speed ZTR 42 Mower’s Features

As with all riding mowers currently on the market, Dixon has taken great pains to ensure its model is the most innovative and the most convenient, focusing significantly on speed and efficiency for homeowners who want to get the most work done with the smallest amount of time possible. That’s largely why the mower is named Dixon’s “Speed” mower. It can travel forward at 6.5 miles per hour. With a mower of this size, that’s between one and two miles per hour faster than average. Putting the mower in reverse is also a fast affair, with maximum backup speeds of about 2.5 miles per hour. Again, that’s ahead of other mowers in this class.

For operator comfort, the mower comes with a hydrostatic transmission that guarantees better operator comfort than other transmissions found in similar mowers. Smooth shifting is a given, allowing fewer overall vibrations to be transferred from the engine compartment to the operator seat. For added peace of mind and long-term comfort, the seat itself is made from durable materials that are also designed to absorb vibrations rather than pass them onto the operator as they proceed through the average mowing job. The included Briggs & Stratton engine, while powerful, is also one of the best-performing and least invasive engines currently in use within the power equipment industry.

With plenty of accessories, and many smaller features that improve the mowing experience, the Dixon Speed ZTR 42 shows evidence of real thoughtfulness in terms of its features and extendibility. That is simply good news for home landscapers who want great mowing without great effort.

Specs: Measuring Up the Dixon Speed ZTR 42

To understand exactly how much effort has been put into making the Speed ZTR 42 a superior mowing experience, it’s worth looking at the mower’s raw specifications. The first of these comes in the form of its cutting deck, which measures 42 inches in diameter and has been made from a stamped piece of metal. That gives it the ability to withstand damage and debris much better than competing options, and it ensures easier maintenance over the course of the mower’s useful life.

The deck is paired with a 19.5-horsepower Briggs & Stratton engine, which itself works in tandem with the mower’s hydraulic transmission. This combination of power, efficiency, and size is often the sweet spot for homeowners with medium-sized lawns or even larger open spaces that need to be tackled quickly. To ensure that this power doesn’t rid the mower of long-distance mowing capacity, Dixon has equipped the Speed ZTR 42 with a 3-gallon fuel tank. That’s enough gas to tackle even relatively large lawns without stopping midway through the work, and it’s a sigh of relief for many homeowners who dread running out of fuel before they’ve completed their mowing.

The mower deck itself can be manually lowered to 1.5 inches, or raised to 4 inches. Two steel blades, which the company describes as triple-action, are included. These unique blades allow for mulching, blade collection, and simple discharge of clippings based on the operator’s preference and the accessories paired with the mower at any given time.

Accessories Seal the Deal

The mower can be paired with an engine cover or battery charger and, if the operator prefers to capture clippings, Dixon offers a clipping bag that is both durable and easy to clean. These accessories allow the mower to be maintained more easily, and they protect the equipment from damage while it’s in storage between seasonal outings or between the seasons themselves.

DixonZTRParts.com Has the Speed ZTR 42 and Much More

With all of the unique benefits that come from owning the Dixon Speed ZTR 42 mower, consumers are naturally rather interested in where they can buy the equipment. DixonZTRParts.com offers just such an opportunity, with a full lineup of Dixon mowers and accessories. Furthermore, the website features a wealth of OEM replacement parts that can be used for regular mower maintenance, seasonal storage, and even the occasional repair that might be required. With everything from new mowers to new parts, the site is a reliable ally for home landscapers.

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